omgosh thats so scary and sad! :( how old were u?


It was five days before my tenth birthday. 

that is so sad oh my god... how did he die?... if u dont wanna talk about it i understand


Brain damage as the result of a car accident. This was 18.5 years ago. 

throwback thursday - dad
he died a month after the first photo was taken. it hasn’t gotten easier; just farther away.

game freezing help

ok, so question, y’all: 

for new saves only, my game freezes on a certain day at a certain time (for pudding pie, it’s 10:48 am on Tuesday). this doesn’t happen with the elms or the bacons, so i’m sure that it’s not a game or cc problem. i have nraas’s overwatch, error trap, and register, and i’ve so far disallowed immigration, cleansed the homeless and the dead, and fixed the animals so there are no deer and fewer everything else. 

what am i missing? 


realest shit ever.

Cool guys drink beer with straws

Cool guys drink beer with straws


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